Hey hey! My name is Janel, and I'm a Documentary, Candid, Modern, Artistic Engagement, Elopement & Wedding Photographer based out of Tampa, FL. and Worldwide.

Your love story is not only important to you, but also very important to me too. As your photographer, I focus on the soul of the moment, all while tying in a beautiful composition of where it's taking place. It's a priority of mine to capture the love, the laughter, the tears, and everything in between; because one day, your children & future generations will want to know where it all began, and sometimes, a photograph is all you have to take you right back to where it all did.
Let's create together!

treasuring true love + connection.

About janel

Human connection
Experience over production

JHP Approach

Candid, cinematic & documentary; the soul & story of the moment. Moments like getting prepared early in the morning, dew on the windows, coffee brewing, calling your friends to tell them all of the details, the excitement, the anxiety, & the love that makes your day unique. I observe for the beauty in everything, including the imperfect, ordinary, intimacy, and authenticity to truly be able to feel the emotion in the image just by looking at it. I love adventure & out of the ordinary places! Trust me, if you want to hike up a mountain just to get that shot, I'll pack my hiking boots without asking twice! I'm always going location hunting for spectacular views & vibes no matter where you choose! The passion, magic, and unbreakable connection that love brews is always what I strive to capture. I love having fun, and always making sure you feel as comfortable & relaxed as possible! Hand me the mess of your day & I'll take care of the rest, I promise!! 

“Love is passion, obsession, someone you can’t live without. If you don’t start with that, what are you going to end up with?”
 – Meet Joe Black

I'm a feeler of emotions, and I absolutely love everything about what love stands for. I'm also a lover of people. and care for my couples the same way I would for myself. Love is such a gift and I firmly believe, that no matter what your love looks like, it's a treasure, & your story deserves to be told.

it's my mission
to create images overwhelmed with love + emotion

capturing your authentic love